Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Fascination: Anna of the North

When I first heard "Sway" by Anna of the North earlier this year, I knew something beyond amazing was brewing in that voice. If I remember correctly, I left this song on repeat for several hours upon first listen. If that doesn't qualify as a winner, then I'm not really sure what to think. Listen below to hear for yourself. 

This song easily possesses an elegance that's more than dreamy, so it's safe to say that Anna of the North is one of my favorite finds of 2014.
(Grab "Sway" which also features "Undervann" as the B-side to the single over on iTunes.)

"Oslo" is the most recent release from AOTN, and serves as a free download to hold us over until new music drops next year. Looking for more from this artist? Don't forget to check out her SoundCloud page where you'll not only find the music above, but some pretty awesome remixes from Togetherness, et aliae, and The Chainsmokers. Keep in mind AOTN started back in April, so it's pretty fascinating to see how far her team has come in such a short time. 
As always, keep an eye on this friday fascination, as this is just the beginning of something big. 

Anna of the North Twitter ICYMI: Putting a Plug on 2014: The EPs 

Monday, December 15, 2014


The end of 2014 is quickly approaching, but have ho fear - there isn't a sign of new music slowing down. A perfect example would be the release of D'Angelo's surprise album The Black Messiah & Charli XCX releasing her sophomore album Sucker all within the next 24 hours. If the first name of this weeks' playlist slightly rings a bell, it's because LYED featured them as a Friday Fascination back in June. Get to know Santa Barbara's The Blues and The Greys, your ears won't regret it. Which song was your favorite? Any new introduction
ICYMI: Putting a Plug on 2014: The EPs
Next up: The Albums! What were your favorite albums of 2014? Comment below!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Putting a Plug on 2014: The EPs

Guess what guys? It's that time of the year again! Some of you love it, most of you despise it. I simply find it inspiring and a wee bit entertaining to read what everyone's end of year picks/lists/charts consist of. My EP picks below are personal favorites that either moved me or brought life to music in my opinion. They're listed in order of when they were released starting with the earliest, and you'll find my #1 pick at the bottom. It was a great year for EP releases, and extremely hard to narrow it down to 13, so I included links for as many of them in this post for you to check out. 
Thanks again for another year of nerding out on great tunes and all things music related, can't wait for what next year holds. Stay tuned for the top albums & songs post coming very, very soon.
(For LYED's list of EPS from 2013, click here.)

Twin Oaks - The Lion's Den
Self-released on January 7th
Grab The Lion's Den on BandCamp

BROODS - s/t
Released on January 31st
Grab the self-titled EP from Broods on iTunes

Speedy Ortiz - Real Hair
Released on February 11th via Carpark Records
Grab Real Hair on iTunes or on BandCamp.

Wolf Alice - Creature Songs
Released on May 26th via Dirty Hit
Grab Creature Songs on iTunes.

Ryn Weaver - Promises
Released on August 8th via Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records
Grab Promises on iTunes.

SALES - s/t
Self-released on September 22nd 
Grab Sales - EP on BandCamp

George Maple - Vacant Space
Released on October 3rd via Future Classic
Grab Vacant Space on iTunes

Dinner and a Suit - STAY
Self-released October 7th 
Grab STAY on iTunes.

Jack Garratt - Remnants
Released October 26th via Island Records
Grab Remnants on iTunes.

Billie Black - 000 100
Self-released on November 3rd via BBLK Recordings
Grab 000 100 on iTunes. 

Released on November 17th via Duly Noted Records
Grab Magic on iTunes.

Giraffage - No Reason
Released on November 18th via Fool's Gold 
 Grab No Reason on iTunes.

My #1 EP of 2014?
Phoria's Display EP easily won my ears over as one of the most impressive releases of 2014. Not a day goes by without listening to this majestic body of work. If you haven't had a chance to listen, do your ears a favor and get to know this 5-piece from Brighton before they blow up.
 Released on June 16th via X Novo Records.
Grab Display on iTunes here.

Other EPs worth checking out: 
Olivver The Kid - Freak
Eliot Sumner - Information
Saint Motel - My Type
Scavenger Hunt - s/t
Daniel Wilson - Boy Who Cried Thunder
Jaymes Young - Habits of My Heart