Sunday, May 13, 2012

sunday pick-me-ups round dos

Today my friend Taera & I decided to make a pit-stop in Solvang today on our way home from Buellton (if you've never heard of this tiny town on the coast, you're not alone). It's a pretty sweet little Danish town, oozing with tourists from all over the world.It wasn't long before I couldn't help it & joined in on the cheesy shenanigans. 
KILL PARIS - Keep Your Secrets in Midnight City
WHOA. So I was first drawn to this track when I noticed Midnight City in the title, and after the first drop I definitely fell in love with it. It's really catchy how it alternates between beats, while simultaneously in the background you can hear that infamous noise from the Midnight City track. (fun fact: that noise is actually Anthony Gonzalez's voice along with some editing work)
TYCHO - "Dive" (Memoryhouse Remix)
If there's one thing I can always depend on Tycho for, it's his ability to put me into a relaxing trance. Tycho solely consists of Scott Hansen from San Francisco, and you won't find a weak beat on his 2011 album Dive. Remixed by Memoryhouse, a dreampop duo that know a thing or two about a style of music that incorporate just enough lo-fi that won't take away from Denise Nouvion's angelic voice. They are well on their way to being the younger siblings of Beach House, keep in mind that I'm not saying they're "the next beach house", because there are definitely differences between the two duos that allow a distinctive line to be drawn.  
AUSTRA - Beat and The Pulse (Still Going Remix)
I wouldn't be surprised if I already posted this song on a previous blog post, because it's that damn good. Yes, it is a little slow in the beginning. Once it starts to pick up, it takes off into . Austra is well-known for it's unique electronic-goth paired with Katie Stelmanis' voice that is stronger then the tools you find at the gym. Every-time I listen to this track, I get an immediate craving to watch Party Monster. 
It's definitely something worth the waiting. 

ANGUS STONE - Bird On The Buffalo
Something a little different to add to this mix. This is one of the first tracks I've heard from Angus as a solo artist (in case you were wondering, he is THE Angus Stone in the brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone pictured above^) 
Easy on the ears.

What everyone in the blog world is raving about these days, and who wouldn't?  Even Leona Lewis had to publicly express her love for these guys via twitter, and after listening to this track you will probably do the same. The Neighbourhood delivers just enough pop in their tracks that has you wishing you were out in the sunshine instead, and not studying in the library. Dreamy California vibes. 
Don't forget to check out "Sweater Weather" & download their debut EP I'm Sorry on 
The Neighbourhoods' website --> 
& the best part? IT'S FREE. 

HÔHME - Eagle Eyes (Kaskade x Sander Van Doom x Adrian Lux x Mindy Gledhill)
This blows my mind. Stick around for the entire track, you won't be disappointed.
YES. YES. BLOODY HELL YES. Just when I thought "Obedear" from Purity Ring couldn't be mixed/messed with, The Hood Internet took it to another level by mashing it with A$AP Rocky who's growing attention left & right (Did you watch his Coachella performance?). A$AP Rocky & Purity Ring are individually praised for their unique flow, and mash-up quite perfectly. 


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