Monday, July 2, 2012

freshvibesmonday #11

& here's another dose of new music for you guys,hope all of you enjoy it! This last week has been a bit hectic to say the least, between catching up with friends and spending time in San Francisco (where I had the opportunity to catch Avicii + ZION I and TOKiMONSTA, for free!) Thank you to Kelly & Monique for the sweet hookups, needless to say I'll be back again soon. :)

Technically it's my last week of "summer" before I start summer quarter, aka my last quarter of college. For the next couple of days when I'm not attempting to break my leg via wake-boarding, I'll be at the computer - so please feel free to send me new music or maybe new artists that you've stumbled across via e-mail ( 

Wye Oak - "SPIRAL"
So about two weeks ago or so, I featured a track from Unknown Mortal Orchestra which was the first single off the 2012 Adult Swim Singles Program. I missed the 2nd week single which was from The Hives, but I am stoked to present to you the single for week #3 here on Let Your Ears Decide! It's from Wye Oak, one of my favorite indie folk rock duos from Baltimore. It's titled "Spiral" and in no way does it sound like they changed their sounds for this program, IT'S GOOD IT'S GOLD. 
Marina and the Diamonds - "HOW TO BE A HEARTBREAKER"
This is a track that Marina wrote after releasing her recent 2nd full-length album in the UK. Since Electra Heart won't be released in the US until July 17th, expect to see it on the track listing! It's a bit more fast-paced, but in my opinion it fits in perfectly with the other tracks featured on Electra Heart. If you get a chance, check out Electra Heart's Tumblr Account HERE, it's legitimately a gallery of eye candy that goes along with the recent album.
FYI this is a Fleetwood Mac cover, and is apart of a Fleetwood Mac tribute album titled Just Tell Me That You Want Me. This is such a pretty version of the track, and it's always nice to hear something new from the Swedish singer-songwriter. The full-length tribute album will be released on August 14th via Hear Music/Concord. 
Twin Shadow - "GOLDEN LIGHT"
This is a track off of Twin Shadow's followup to his 2010 debut album Forget. I'm a huge fan of Twin Shadow aka George Lewis Jr. and to say the least I am excited to listen to his 2nd full-length album from beginning to end. I have a feeling that Confess will be packed full with emotion/drive due to a certain event regarding a motorcycle, this is his way of coming to a meeting point with the emotions that ignited. Confess will be released in the US on July 10, and a day before in the UK. 
Little Boots - "HEADPHONES"
It has been a great amount of time since I've heard something fresh from Elizabeth Hesketh, aka Little Boots. Little Boots never strays away from her electro-pop ways, and this song is a perfect example. So if you're looking for something to get the energy juices flowing before going downtown, here ya go.
Alpine - "GASOLINE"
MMmmm. A little gem I randomly stumbled upon, and I hope you dig the catchiness as much as I love.   Alpine is from Melbourne, Australia & let's just say I'll be filing their tunes next to We Have Band & Metronomy. I'm stoked to hear that they will be releasing a new album A is for Alpine soon. Alpine was #1,161 new band of the day for theguardian, and I can definitely see why!
Minus The Bear - "LONELY GUN"
Yes, it's happening. Minus the Bear will be releasing their 5th album on August 28th! This album is titled Infinity Overhead, and the track above is the first single off of it! I love the intensity of this track, as a few of my favorite MTB tracks tend to be the more mellow yet vibrant ones. According to a recent article on Rolling Stone, this track "came out of a deep depression". I have high hopes for this band, as my expectations are always met each times I hear something from them-hope you like it! 


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