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This post should've beenyesterday for FRESHVIBESMONDAY, but this Senior Portfolio is kicking my butt. I'm currently at LAX waiting to fly home for a week so I decided this is the appropriate time to not only entertain myself with listening to good music, but also to share it with you guys! P.S. if you've been debating on going to FYF Fest, which is September 1st & 2nd.... I'll be giving away a two-day GA pass for it within the next week or so! Go to the FB page for LYED to find out more information, and if you haven't already please "like" LYED! The more likes - the more willing this music nerd is with posting on here. :)  
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Bloc Party - "KETTLING"
WOO HOO HAPPY FOUR RELEASE DAY! I'm still on Cloud 9 from Bloc Party's set at Outside Lands; if you were able to catch it I'm sure you could relate. This is one of my favorite tracks from their new album that was released today in the US. Bloc Party is one of those rare bands that can successfully deliver both a heavy & relatively light side of rock in their music, and that is what I like about them. As I've read in a lot of reviews for this album, I'm not the only one who's happy that they're back. Four years TOO LONG if you ask me. 
This track is addicting, and I'm so stoked for my friend Ryan Marks who's 1/2 of LOUDPVCK. I can definitely see why people go crazy over this type of music in the club scene. If this track gets me hyped via YouTube, I can only imagine hearing it live. Top names in the undergroundtrap game have been dropping their tracks recently, and I'm not surprised by it one bit. I'm hoping to get a post on them in the near future, as they just announced they will be remixing an Adventure Club track. You know that shit will be golden regardless. 
Minus The Bear - "STEEL & BLOOD" 
This is off their forthcoming album Infinity Overload & the US release date for it is August 28th! I haven't had a chance to listen to all of the tracks that weren't recently leaked besides the tracks I've covered in previous blog posts. 
One thing I've learned about artists/bands when releasing new albums is to not have this giant expectation that the new album will sound exactly like the last album or your most favorite album by them that you listen to on a daily basis. There's a huge chance you will be disappointed and automatically have a bad impression of the album. TAKE EVERY ALBUM AS THEY ARE. Unless you've listened to the album from beginning to end, it's unfair to voice your opinion on an album. There's a lot of talk about this album from Minus The Bear, and I think each of us will be our own judge once we take a listen for ourselves. 
The followup to Odd Blood will be released tomorrow (among other amazing albums) in the US! The new album is called Fragrant World, and I've been a fan since the first track "Henrietta" was released a few months ago. 
Yeasayer never comes up short with dance-y indie tracks that have a exotic twist to them. I'm sure I just described a genre that had a name for it, but oh well. 
This track is off their debut album Give You The Ghost, but this music video was released about a week ago. Her voice is unique in a way that bounces off an auto-tune style but is so mesmerizing. What attracted me to this track is literally how sleek yet groovy it is. I've definitely stepped up on my listening game for this band, and I advise you to do the same if your ears are diggin' this track.   
Fourt Tet - "LION"
If you've got some time to kill, listen to this 9 minute track from Four Tet that was released just last week! There's not much to say about this track unless you listen for yourself, and then you'll understand what I'm talking about. This is the type of music you'll want to surround yourself when you're looking to get lost for a bit. 
Wild Nothing - "NOCTURNE"
I'm a bit late on this band to be honest. This band isn't to be confused with Cloud Nothing; a band that takes a more drastic route on their sound. This track is off Wild Nothing's forthcoming album also titled Nocturne that will be released on August 28th off Captured Tracks. You can stream the entire album here if you're interested. Just my opinion, but Wild Nothing reminds me of a combination of Real Estate & Cut Copy. Two bands that I definitely incorporate into my playlists. 

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