Sunday, December 16, 2012

Revisiting YouTube Narnia

It's been awhile since LYED last visited "that part of YouTube"... so let's begin! 

High Highs - "OPEN SEASON"
High Highs are Jack Milas, Oli Chang, and newly added drummer Zachary Lipkins who currently reside in NYC. "Open Season" is off their self-titled EP, released in 2011. You can grab the EP for a very low price on their BandCamp, and it's also available for your listening pleasure if you check out the playlist featured at the end of this post! Keep an eye (or ear) out for their debut record which is due out sometime next month!  
Cave Painting - "SO CALM"
If you're not sure who Cave Painting is, then we're on the same page. Not much is known about Cave Painting except that they're a group from the UK & was a recent supporting act for one of LYED's favorite finds of 2012, Alt-J! Much of today was spent listening to their debut album titled Votive Life, and it is suggested that you do the same. Good ol fashioned indie rock & plenty of shoegaze to keep your feet busy until the album ends...unless you're quick enough to hit the repeat button ;) 
To listen to the entire album on Spotify --> Cave Painting – Votive Life ! 
The right amount of lo-fi distortion paired with catchy background looping at best. LUDGF started in Los Angeles, California but is not situated in Austin, Texas! "Helium" was released as a solo single this year, but if you're interested in listening to Untogether, the most recent full-length release (October 2012) 
Cherokee - "ONSET"
Now for some lovely French electronic vibes, because... why not? "Onset" is the first proper single from Cherokee & was released back in June of 2011, but it doesn't matter because you're hearing it now! When the repetition is groovy like this, 4 minutes & 30 seconds will fly by. 
Check out Cherokee's SoundCloud for more tunes, including their 2012 EP titled American Spirit.
Kartell - "COST OF LOVE"
Off Kartell's debut EP titled Riviera released back in May, I am a bit speechless. I love it so much that I included all 5 tracks (including the Darius remix of "Pantera) on the Spotify playlist featured below. If you thought this was it, head over to Kartell's SoundCloud for even more treats for your ears. Easy listeners paradise // Nu-disco French vibes. 

Now if that wasn't enough, here's a playlist featuring the artists above & a few more gems that have been Sunday favorites in the past. Enjoy! :)

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