Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fascination: Soft Reeds

This week's fascination is Soft Reeds, a band from Kansas City that I just *magically* stumbled across the other week. I wish I could remember exactly how & when I found these guys, but it really doesn't matter at this point. All that matters is that you can count on their sophomore record Blank City to occupy a spot when my "Best of 2013" list rolls around. This band deserves way more attention for how talented and crafty they are with their sound. It's been a minute since I last found an album that flows so well like Blank City does. It's hard for me to suggest which songs I like more, because in all honesty- I dig each track equally. 
 Here they are performing "Pregnant Actress" at Element Recording Studios as part of a segment for Middle of the Map Fest. It's almost unreal how much it sounds like the version that's on the album, which gives me the feeling that this band puts on one hell of a live show. Middle of the Map Fest is curated by The Record Machine, an independent record label that started in Kansas City, Missouri back in 2003. Be sure to check out the independent record label's website where you can find a roster filled with up & coming midwest talent!  

So, what'd you think? If you're digging it as much as I am, be sure to grab a copy over on iTunes. It'll be the best $9.99 you've spent all week!
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