Friday, September 20, 2013

LAUNCH Festival 2013

 If you happen to live on the west coast, this is the one festival that you will want to invest your time & energy in attending next year, believe me.   
This year marked the 5th anniversary of LAUNCH in downtown Sacramento, California and brought the community together in a unique way. Starting off with a block party on Wednesday evening & wrapped up with two full days of music at Cesar Chavez Park, this particular festival covers all of the necessary bases: music, fashion, art, and design.  
Around 10,000 attendees took part in this two-day event of the five-day festival, and was the largest attendance so far. With Imagine Dragons & Girl Talk as two of the main headliners, the crowd surfaced from all over. Elysse Ralph (who wrote about the bands below) & Julia Frather were there to capture the essence of both days, and needless to say it was a great time all around. 
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Doombird was the 3rd performance on the Tower stage and they did not disappoint. This dancy quad band is Sacramento homegrown. Although this is the 1st time seeing them live, they were a highlight for Day 1.
One of the bands I've seen most live, and will never get sick of. They played immediately after Blond Redhead on the main stage, and it couldn't have been a better transition of bands. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Alex and Jake a while before the show, and they are as great as their music- genuine, different, and definitely humble.
 A little different than my live experience with Minus the Bear, a band I have NOT had the pleasure of seeing live. I was like a giddy school girl waiting for this band, arms up on the railing, staring at the stage in awe of what I was about to see. As I had expected, they did not disappoint-they were as equally excited to play for us as we were to see them perform for us as a crowd, which made the set in entirety a music funhouse. The thick bass, and that synthesizing voice pumping through the speakers is all I was focused on.
 This band has never failed to not make me sing at the top of my lungs in my car-WITH NO SHAME. Except this time it was in my backyard-Ceaser Chavez Park. Michael Deni's voice sounds like a god, and who could deny the cello along with the synthesizer? Not I! They know how to get the crowd hyped, and they did just that. Michael jumped off stage and into the crowd waving his hands back and forth, and all I could think about is "man, I am so lucky to have these undeniably talented men play in front of me right now."
Ya know, this band has played over our speakers at work and I found myself bobbing my head, then eventually singing along hoping I would seem then live one day. So when I saw they were on Launch's lineup, you could say I was quite excited. Of course i was smack dab in front, sweating, and so pumped. I'll just put it plain & simple - they put on a powerhouse performance.

More highlights from the festival:
Mark Robert Fuller of Gold Fields
Patricia Beranek of St. Lucia 
With Alex & Jake from Minus The Bear

Be sure to visit Julia's Flickr account to see more of her work - all of the photos above were captured by her! 

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