Thursday, September 26, 2013


Sharon Van Etten is one hell of a woman, and I can't thank her enough for recently posting about Mackenzie Scott aka TORRES. Scott is a 22 year-old singer-songwriter currently based in Nashville, Tennessee.  

When I first listened to "Honey" I literally felt chills run down my spine. It reminded me of the first time I listened to Sharon Van Etten & Wye Oak, borderline emotional. Check out a live performance of the "Honey" courtesy of OURVINYL.TV below!

 Her self -released debut album came out in January of this year, and is as raw as you'd expect it to be. It wasn't long before I found myself diving into the 10 track album, and knee deep in her emotional honesty.  
"No matter how you listen to it, though, the songs will cut right to the bone. Scott spills every inch of her soul on these tracks, reflecting the joys and sorrows, and the unpredictability and uncertainty of life and love." 
This album is definitely one that builds up, so please take my advice & give this album a solid chance before you realize if you like it or not. 
If you do, support this talented artist by picking up her album here

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