Monday, November 24, 2014


Happy Monday, you guys! Hope you're as excited as I am for this week's edition of FVM. Starting off with the latest from Bwana, can't believe it's been years since his last release, but the wait has been worth it. It was only right for it to fall into the next track which is one of my favorites by Milosh (aka Michael Milosh of Rhye) that's too mesmerizing for words. I recently stumbled across an artist by the name of Jack Garratt who easily won my ears over with "The Love You're Given." Good luck getting that one out of your head. 
Also, TUCH was last week's Friday Fascination, if you might have missed it - no worries, click here.  In the midst of Johnny Jewel (of CHROMATICS) releasing tracks on his SoundCloud page, a new one popped up called "White Light" that has me wondering if a new album might be surfacing soon. *crosses fingers* So as you can see, I can easily go on & on about each of the tracks I've selected - but I'll let you be the judge.
 Any new discoveries lately? 

P.S. Beyoncé Platinum edition is out now, and if you aren't one of the 20 million who've already watched the video for "7/11", I'm just going to leave this here. 


and this...

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