Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Fascination: Anna of the North

When I first heard "Sway" by Anna of the North earlier this year, I knew something beyond amazing was brewing in that voice. If I remember correctly, I left this song on repeat for several hours upon first listen. If that doesn't qualify as a winner, then I'm not really sure what to think. Listen below to hear for yourself. 

This song easily possesses an elegance that's more than dreamy, so it's safe to say that Anna of the North is one of my favorite finds of 2014.
(Grab "Sway" which also features "Undervann" as the B-side to the single over on iTunes.)

"Oslo" is the most recent release from AOTN, and serves as a free download to hold us over until new music drops next year. Looking for more from this artist? Don't forget to check out her SoundCloud page where you'll not only find the music above, but some pretty awesome remixes from Togetherness, et aliae, and The Chainsmokers. Keep in mind AOTN started back in April, so it's pretty fascinating to see how far her team has come in such a short time. 
As always, keep an eye on this friday fascination, as this is just the beginning of something big. 

Anna of the North Twitter ICYMI: Putting a Plug on 2014: The EPs 

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