Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fascination: Rose Quartz

I would be lying if I said I didn't have a draft collecting currently collecting dust that focused on how beneficial it is to catch the opening act at a concert. (In addition to that old post, I had also created the beginner's guide for attending a show alone after doing so many by myself in Philadelphia, but that feels like a topic that's been covered enough.)
© Carlo Cruz
This week's Friday Fascination is a perfect example of why you should attend a show early enough to catch the opener. I had only heard of Rose Quartz (formally known as FLASH/LIGHTS) briefly before attending their sold out show with Generationals last Saturday at SoHO in Santa Barbara, but it only took one lap of their SoundCloud profile to grasp my attention to show up early. Boy did it pay off. Not only did Rose Quartz possess a wonderful stage presence that they kept the crowd moving & grooving constantly regardless if they knew the song or not, but their live production was amazing, if not better than the studio version (which is great don't get me wrong.) By the end of their set, everyone was 110% warmed up for Generationals to take the stage, and I had truly found a liking for Rose Quartz from Denver. 

Axis of Love is their first proper EP released back in November via Red Bull Sound Select, and with only 3 tracks - it's the ultimate pick-me-up. File these guys between Holy Ghost!, The Presets & nearly every indie dance act imaginable (chances are that they've already toured with them.) Need more? Listen to their self-released Flashlights EP.

Rose Quartz on Twitter 
Rose Quartz on YouTube
Rose Quartz on Instagram


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