Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Fascination: Vallis Alps

Most of the time I have a clear conscience of when I first discover a new band whether it's from hours of surfing SoundCloud (and other reliable music sources) or even a recommendation from a friend. When it comes to Vallis Alps, I cannot remember how or when I first heard about the duo, but it doesn't even matter at this point because their debut EP is absolutely brilliant. You heard me, I said BRILLIANT. There's not much exposed about the duo, except David & Parissa make up Vallis Alps & currently reside in both Seattle & Canberra (Australia.) Caution: You will be floored by what you're about to hear. 

It's not everyday that you find a body of work that literally sends you to a place of bliss upon first listen, and I can safely say that Vallis Alps did that with their debut EP. 
The self-titled EP is only a month old as of today, and I couldn't believe my ears after reading that it was self-released. Grab Vallis Alps on iTunes or BandCamp, and while you're at it, buy the EP for someone you love because this body of work is flat-out charming. It will be the best $$ you'll spend all week, mark my word. In addition to how the EP stands by itself with power, each song is beautifully crafted that it could be released as a single. That says a lot of about Vallis Alps, and I couldn't be more impressed with this release. There's a super bright future ahead of these two and you'd be a fool to not hang tight and watch it unfold. 
Bravo Vallis Alps, I'm so happy I found you. 

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