Monday, June 1, 2015


Since it is the first day of the month, hopefully you started your morning by repeating the words “rabbit rabbit” because it will give you good luck for the rest of the month or something cliche like that. My morning, on the other hand started off with more of a “oh sh*t I am going to miss my flight back to Santa Barbara if I don’t get my life together ASAP." Ah, oh how I love Mondays.  
If you didn’t already hear/see, Jenny Lewis released a music video last week for one of my favorite tracks “She’s Not Me” from last year's One Of The Guys (spoiler alert: it features Shosh from GIRLS & Fred Armisen to name a few.) If you followed Lewis on Instagram, you'd agree that we've be waiting for this video for a hot minute now. 
Just as important, Beirut announced his return with No No No and released the title track for the record this morning (album is due out 9/11/15 via 4AD.) 
On the other end of the media spectrum, say hello to Caitlyn Jenner & goodbye to the name Bruce. Caitlyn is on the latest cover of Vanity Fair, and all I have to say is -
Alright, alright, back to the music - this week’s edition of FVM which kicks off with new tunes from Tear CouncilBLOOMS, Scavenger Hunt, this month's release from Oh Wonder, that ever-so-catchy Flume song featuring Andrew Wyatt from Miike Snow, and so much more
P.S. Did you know that Panama was last week’s Friday Fascination? "Jungle" was released early Friday morning and there was no way I could get it out of my head, be sure to visit the post to watch the music video they made for it.  

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