Monday, May 7, 2012

freshvibesmonday #3

There's several reasons to love today. If you find yourself struggling to agree, here's some tunes to change your mind. :) 
P.S. Had an amazing time at the Washed Out show on Saturday. It was my first time attending a show at the Music Box in Hollywood, and definitely will not be the last. Unfortunately I missed out on Memoryhouse, the openers but Ernest Greene put on one hell of a set with his band (including his wife Blair Sexton, who's on the cover of the Life of Leisure EP). The crowd was great, and Ernest couldn't stop smiling throughout the whole set. It truly makes all of the money spent on the ticket(s), gas, beer(s), etc WORTH IT when you experience an artist giving off such positive energy as he did while performing. Time flew by as they performed tracks from both Life of Leisure (EP) & their first full-length album Within & Without. 
Guess i'll shut up now. ENJOY THE MUSIC! :)
The wait is over. On July 24th, Passion Pit will release their second full-length LP Gossamer. In addition to releasing the single, today Michael Angelakos tweeted, 

"Hi. Hope everyone is enjoying the single. FYI it's not political-commentary. It's just a few characters from my family and their gripes. Thx"

"Take a Walk" is an addictive track if you're familiar with previous work from PP (Manners, Chunk of Change). It's a bit of a new sound with the same melancholic vibe that the lyrics produce. Passion Pit will be touring later this year, and luckily they will be playing at this year's Outside Lands Music Festival held at Golden Gate Park!
Charli XCX is addicting. If this face is new to you, be sure to check out Nuclear Season & Stay Away: two tracks that you'll be obsessing over shortly.
Even though this was recorded at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in December of last year, The Maccabees' third studio album Given to the Wild wasn't released in America until recently (April 25th)! Definitely give the album a listen if you have time. Just found out they'll be opening for Florence + the Machine on tour this year (& if you live in the Los Angeles area, they're coming to the Hollywood Bowl on October 7th with an additional opener: The Weeknd). Yeah, i almost fell out of my seat when I read that too.
Released last week as a single, expect Twin Shadow will always be a favorite of mine, as I first heard when I started working at Urban Outfitters almost two years ago. His music always gives off an 80's vibe that will keep your foot tapping yet suck you in with the lyrics. It's a little romantic. It's a little dark. It's something to turn on first thing in the morning, trust me. 
I'm finding it hard to shut up about these guys after their amazing performance at Coachella this year. The Rapture literally brought Dance & Rock together perfectly, and unfortunately the crowd in this video isn't as crazy as what I experienced recently. It's funky, yet freakishly awesome how it much it sounds just like it did on their 2003 album also titled Echoes. 9 years later, still knocking shoes off. 
It will surprise you. I had the urge to turn on Fever Ray immediately following the first time I heard this track......and buy face paint. 


upcoming & recent album release dates:
Bloom - Beach House - May 15th 
Neck of the Woods - Silversun Pickups - May 8th 
Electra Heart - Marina and the Diamonds - OUT NOW!
Given to the Wild - The Maccabees - OUT NOW!
Body Faucet - Reptar - OUT NOW!
Master of My Make Believe - Santigold - OUT NOW!
Anxiety - Ladyhawke - May 29th
There's No Leaving Now - The Tallest Man on Earth - June 12th
Synthetica - Metric - June 12th
In Our Heads - Hot Chip - June 12th
Gossamer - Passion Pit  - July 24th
Confess - Twin Shadow - July 9/10th
Shrines - Purity Ring - July 24th

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