Monday, May 21, 2012

freshvibesmonday #5

HAPPY MONDAY! Hope you're in a somewhat electronic mood today, as for the most part that's what your ears are about to hear! 
Dwntwn - "SEE MY EYES"
This duo from Los Angeles has captured my attention for several months. I've stumbled across a couple of their cover songs (Calvin Harris, Angus and Julia Stone & Bruce Springsteen) and when I recently heard this - my love grew even more for them. 
Ladyhawke - "SUNDAY DRIVE" (AllSaints Basement Sessions)
In exactly one week from today (May 28th) Ladyhawke's 2nd full-length album titled Anxiety will be released in the US! Ladyhawke has already released two singles "Black White & Blue" and recently "Sunday Drive" made it's way to the public. I really enjoyed how this track was performed as apart of Ladyhawke's AllSaints Basement Session. Hope you like it too! 
Teengirl Fantasy - "MOTIF"
Released earlier this morning, Teengirl Fantasy is definitely a duo I want to catch live when they come to California next. I'd like to describe Teengirl Fantasy's unique style as  trippy/techno/dreamy or a mixture of Four Tet/Burial/Crystal Castles/TRUST. Don't expect any overdosing sounds like you would assume since I mentioned Crystal Castles, but more-so vibes that resemble "Pap Smear" & "Celestica". It's another world I tell ya. 
Emma Louise - "BOY"
Just released last week, this song immediately caught my eye as I've been on a massive Daughter/Lucy Rose kick. I don't know how else to describe this track besides "beautiful". 
BAIO aka Chris Baio (who is the bassist for Vampire Weekend), released a 3-track EP for his first project as a solo artist today titled Sunburn. In this EP you'll find plenty of West African flavor that is also exposed in the majority of Vampire Weekend's work. In "Sunburn Modern" it's a pretty consistent tropical melody created from a variety of instruments that makes the song the most colorful of the EP. Click on the link below to listen to "Sunburn Modern" on Baio's Soundcloud! :) 

Dirty South, Thomas Gold, Kate Elsworth - "EYES WIDE OPEN" (Felguk Remix)
So this isn't necessarily "fresh", but for me this is a track worth hearing two months later. It actually took a couple listens, and then suddenly BOOM I was entirely hooked on it.

Hope you enjoyed today's post! 

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