Sunday, May 20, 2012


What better way to pick yourself up from the weekend than with the mix of songs I'd listen to whenever I'd have to be wake up at 4am (for my 6am shifts, so fun). Just enough energy to have me two-stepping while brushing my teeth, but not to the point where I was shuffling. 
LCD Soundsystem - "I CAN CHANGE"
James Murphy has a way with getting people to move their feet in various patterns, mine tends to be when my eyes are puffy and i'm barely making ends meet when picking out an outfit. This is Happening is an album that will pick your feet up, if you have the time (songs range from 5-8 minutes long). It's more than worth it, I promise. 
The Von Bondies - "C'MON C'MON"
Here's a throwback to make you say "oh my god I remember that song" from way back when. It's a classic....c'mon.
What's better than hearing that songbird of a voice AKA Alison Mosshart in the morning? Hearing it paired with some electronic beats fueled by Sebastian. The Kills will remain a favorite of mine until the end of time (sounds cheesy, but it's the truth). Last September they played an amazing show at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles that I was lucky enough to experience, and this year they are also performing at the Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco! :) 
Some Indie flavored rock for your sunday, and this is my favorite track off their 2010 full-length album Root For Ruin. Check 
The Sounds - "TONY THE BEAT"
In short: MAJA FOREVER. I've had one hell of an obsession with this woman and her pack of fearless men. I can't express how much love I have for this bitch and those catchy songs that trace back to my early high school days where life was all about my best friend Jackie & Vanilla Cherry Coke from the Ice Burgie. Excuse my language, but The Sounds are a fucking legend and your ears need to hear every single track from the 2003 full-length Living In America. "Don't Stop, Push It". They're fucking amazing to see live, and will always thrive on their show at the Fillmore in 2007. Madness
Morgan Page - "BELIEVE"
In case you weren't aware, that is Elizabeth Maurus on vocals (aka Lissie). This track is from Morgan Page's 2nd full-length album from 2010 which is also titled Believe. Lissie provides most of the vocals on this album, which has me believing they make a pretty good pair. Remember "The Longest Road"? That's Lissie too. Addictive beats. 
Hangover or not, this song still has a sweet pick-me-up to whatever state of mind I'm in. I've yet to catch this track live, as I had to leave from their set after 3 tracks or so. It's a scientific way of expressing love for someone, and when that someone understands it- it's  amazing. 
Kaskade Ft. Skylar Grey - "ROOM FOR HAPPINESS"
Mmmm. here's another track from KASKADE that I can't get enough of. Remember the cosmic sounding female in the Dr. Dre video for "I need a doctor" or those mesmerizing vocals in P Diddy's "I'm Coming Home"? That's Skylar Grey, who also provides the vocals on this stellar track. Her voice & Kaskade's brilliance paired together is uplifting, and much needed for a sunday.

Both of these tracks were released on the 2nd full length album The New Romance in 2003. If the style/word "scene" rings a bell for you, you've probably brushed upon this band years ago. If you were wondering, yes I was under that "scene spell" just enough to create my own pathetic Xanga and thrive over The Blood Brothers whenever I was alone. Sadly Pretty Girls Make Graves broke-up in 2007 after forming a band 6 years before in Seattle, the name did come from the title of a Smiths song which is traced back to Jack Kerouac. 

P.S. TOMORROW NIGHT IN SANTA BARBARA AT SOHO IS THE CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH SHOW. Expect some groovy tunes of theirs on tomorrow morning's post. 
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