Friday, May 18, 2012

Diggin' on Duets & Daughter

Originally I imagined a post devoted to duos in music that I dig nowadays, but when I started to list them out I realized I had more than I planned to....after 2 minutes of brainstorming. They were as followed (and yes there were more after the 2 minute mark but I'll save those for another post):
The Kills
Kids At The Bar
Sleigh Bells
Purity Ring
Beach House
Wye Oak 
NERO (originally there were two, but with the addition of Alanna I guess this kicks them out)
The Hundred in the Hands
The Black Keys
Matt & Kim 
Major Lazer (as of right now, Switch is no longer in ML- sadface)
She & Him
Adventure Club
Postal Service
First Aid Kit

& I'm not trying to write a novel as a post, I'm just here to supply your ears with some good tunes. SOOO to switch it up a bit- here are some duets I dig instead! To narrow it down a bit I focused on vocal duets rather than collaborations (because that easily would have been a mile-long list). Enjoy!
Active Child & How To Dress Well - "PLAYING HOUSE"
*This is a personal favorite of mine. I just love Active Child...a LOT. Tranquility is literally embedded in this track. Listen Listen Listen, and then listen to what's below. ;)
Miike Snow Ft. Lykke Li - "BLACK TIN BOX"
I consider myself quite lucky to have experienced this track live during Miike Snow's set at Coachella during Weekend 1. The image of myself immediately shrieking at the top of my lungs "IT'S LYKKE LI!!!!!!!" when she revealed herself on stage still plays in my head, one of several idiotic moments that seem to occur in my life. Sigh. 
Sharon Van Etten ft. Zach Condon of Beirut - "WE ARE FINE"
This track is found on SVE's latest full-length release Tramp, and it's definitely a beautiful track to say the least. With Sharon's raspy yet convincing voice flowing from beginning to end, Condon literally soars with his easygoing yet overpowering tone. Meowza
Amanda Blank Ft. Lykke Li - "LEAVING YOU BEHIND"
A few years back I had a massive Amanda Blank addiction (and it still lives on to this day) which was right around the time she released her first full-length LP I Love You. & who could forget Let's just say I worshipped that album enough to give AB credit for the crazy individual that I tend to be. If you have time on your hands, please YouTube the heck out of this little woman from Philly who spits faster than any other female out there (Amy Heidemann is a close call but not in my book). "Leaving You Behind" is the last track on the album, and what a way to slam the door on the album? "Using my legs because my head ain't right" BOOM. 

Santigold Ft. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "GO!"
This is the first track off Santigold's latest album Master of My Make Believe & I hope with the success of this particular track that we will hear more from both of them.
Lissie Ft. Ellie Goulding - "EVERYWHERE I GO"
Ahh I'm just in love with the vocal chemistry of this track overall. 

If you haven't already, then here is your time to do so...
"YOUTH" from their 2011 (2012 for US)  EP The Wild Youth. 
"CANDLES" from the 2011(2012 for US) EP His Young Heart. By far my favorite track from Daughter, and If I could I would talk about Daughter until your ears started to bleed. THEY ARE AMAZING. Please check out their soundcloud & bandcamp site listed below along with the link the US Itunes Store, this trio is a band worth supporting!

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