Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Songs That are Younger Than They Sound.

Hope all of you are enjoying the new Beach House album Bloom. Despite what other critics say, I do recognize slight similarities...but this is THE STYLE OF BEACH HOUSE. Cryptic, Classic, and overall it's JUST WHO THEY ARE. Respect this powerhouse duo who convey some of the most mind-boggling lyrics through a voice that literally gives a grown man the chills (who will remain nameless for now) and to this day their setup of instruments is just as simple as it was when they first started. I read an interview on Pitchfork with the members of Beach House (Victoria Legrand & Alex Scally) recently that needs to be read by everyone, words can't explain their intelligence.

So if beach house isn't your style, here are some jams that go great with sunshine, or possibly make you stir-crazy if you're somewhere in the world where the sun doesn't shine. 

After releasing the crafty & extra retro Cape Dory , Tennis (a husband & wife duo from Denver consisting of Alaina Moore & Patrick Riley) joined forces with Patrick Carney of the Black Keys to create their 2nd LP titled Young & Old. Tennis has a way of literally taking you back in time with their sound, and their chemistry when performing live is absolutely something to love. The sound in Young & Old definitely has a more mature sound to it overall, yet maintains the same quality of passion that you find in Alaina's voice. Catch them in August at this years Outside Lands Music Festival, you won't be disappointed. 
Other tracks to check out: Petition, Deep in the Woods, Marathon, My Better Self (newly released video for this track on YouTube now!). 
"IT ALL FEELS THE SAME" on the Dave Letterman show (4/9). 
Never underestimate the power of a voice that comes from a body so petite. 

(if you go to UCSB, here's some time for you to complete a little bit of your Extravaganza homework, because they will be performing live).
One of their most popular songs from their 2010 album Astro Coast, and overall it's a pretty decent album. The award for my favorite song is actually from their 2011 EP Tarot Classics, and you can access their Halfway House Sessions performance of "I'm Not Ready" HERE!
& feel free to call me crazy, but towards the end of the "I'm Not Ready" track that John Paul Pitts starts to sound like Glenn Danzig? You know, "MOTHERRRRRRRRR, can you keep them in the dark for life?"

Mmmm. mellow, fresh, and totally something to read the newspaper to. Or put together your new fixie bike? Close your eyes and imagine drinking a forty on Venice Beach in the early 1960's, does that do the trick for you? Phew. If you are diggin' Real Estate, I recommend going back to their first self-titled album and starting from there. Your ears will be so chilled you won't know what to do with yourself. 
"IT'S REAL" (Live on KEXP)
These indie sweethearts have only been around for a few years, but here's a live version of "It's Real" to let you know...... well, they're real. 

"BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU" a track found on the first track on their 2011 full-length Welcome to Condale. With a name like Summer Camp, what were your expecting? It's flirty. It's borderline dramatic. It's hopeful. These are just a few of the emotions exposed at Summer Camp. Elizabeth Sankey nails it as a lo-fi version of Alison Mosshart in the track "Nobody Knows You". I suggest your ears have a listen & let me know.

"FRENCH NAVY" off their 2009 full-length album My Maudlin Career. They have a sweet sound, and I literally mean sweet. After listening to their 2006 LP Let's Get Out of This Country, I literally wanted to go layout at the beach with my cassette tape player. 
Except, it was nearly 2AM on a Tuesday night, 
and I don't own a cassette tape player. 
Other tracks to check out from Camera Obscura: Tears For Affair, Comeback Margaret, Honey In The Sun.

Feel free to let me know what you & your ears think! Tweet about it. Share with everyone and your mother... Please & Thank You! :)

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