Monday, May 28, 2012

freshvibesmonday #6

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE! Today is a pretty special day for Americans as it is a day to honor those we may or may not know that are brave soldiers who fought for our country! It's not "just" a holiday, it's much more than that. 
So, have a lovely rest of the day & enjoy these tunes whether you're relaxing, recuperating, or freaking out over finals (like me). Sorry for the draught of posts recently, I promise I'll make up for it with the next couple of ones! :) XX
YAY THEY'RE BACK. Well, only 3 of the original members but still- this is a bit of a surprise to hear that they are back AND with a full-length album to deliver. "Time Bending" is the first track off We Could Be Arsonists, and it's a great way to start off the album. Super-duper catchy, and I ADORE Kylee Swenson's voice. Crossing my fingers this bay-area band will be performing at this years Treasure Island Music Festival, as they played an opening slot during the festival in 2008. 
Lana Del Rey - "NEVER LET ME GO" 
This is an unreleased track from LDR that recently leaked about a week ago or so. Perfect track for summer and especially to tend the blues that come with it. I'm curious to see where this track will go, maybe a new EP or something for her to perform during the three straight days of performing in LA? Who knows. 
Two Wounded Birds - "TO BE YOUNG"
The intro to this song gives off a more accelerated Tennis vibe, but when the vocals start to kick in I immediately think of The Horrors. I really dig their sound as it fits in perfectly with one of my previous posts "Sounds That are Younger Than They Sound". If it says anything, check out on their "Artists We Also Like" tab on Facebook: the first two are Ramones & The Beach Boys. BOOM perfectly describes their sound. Dig it! 
Milo Greene - "DON'T YOU GIVE UP ON ME" 
Discovering Milo Greene must be credited to the 2012 music issue of NYLON. It's by far my favorite magazine, and I'm pretty sure this is the one issue that I literally read from front to back in less than two hours. Thought it was pretty clever to read that Milo Greene came from a pseudonym made up from the band members when they collaborated at shows in 2009. Look out for their debut album out July 17th, and if you dig their sound check out: The Head & The Heart and The Civil Wars
If you're a Van She fan, you're probably freaking out about their upcoming release since it feels like forever when they released their self-titled EP in 2006. The new album will be released in the US On July 10th, YIPPEE. 
Bobby Womack Ft. Lana Del Rey - "DAYGLO REFLECTION"
If the name Bobby Womack doesn't ring a bell for you, listen to the track and hopefully you'll recognize that soulful rich voice. Or if you're a Gorillaz fan like me, then BAM it should make perfect sense to you who Bobby Womack is (does "Stylo" ring a bell). This beautiful duet will be released on Womack's full-length album The Bravest Man in The Universe on June 12th in the US on XL Recordings. Mmm classic & elegance at its finest.

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