Monday, July 16, 2012

freshvibesmonday #13

Happy Monday fellow music lovers! Hope your weekend wasn't as lazy as mine due to receiving what feels like 1st degree burns on my chest & stomach (damn you Isla Vista sun). I took it as an opportunity to catch up on some decent movies that I haven't seen before (Spun, Empire Records, etc). I have to apologize that today's post is more of a playlist with minimal commentary. It's been a pretty hectic day; woke up this morning to an e-mail from the Urban Outfitters Home Office telling me that I had been offered a styling position for an internship that will take place this fall (September) in Philadelphia! AHHHHH so much work has been devoted to this dream of mine since I started working at UO, and to have it coming together is quite a blessing. P.S. If you happen to know anyone that lives in Philly, or know anything about Philly, hoooook a sister up with some information as I'm currently in the process of looking for housing. Thank you!
P.S. Just realized that the Facebook page for LYED is at 61 likes, thank you so much for the support! :D 
If Sea Wolf doesn't ring a bell for you, then if you can remember that ever-so-catchy song "You're a Wolf" from the film Zombieland. That's Sea Wolf! 'Old Friend' is the first single off Sea Wolf's upcoming album Old World Romance. If you happen to like this song, you might like The Tallest Man on Earth or Delta Spirit!
*click on the song title to listen to the latest from Tall Ships from their SoundCloud account. 
Swim Deep will always have a special place in my heart with their track "King City" that became a staple in my Itunes about 6 months ago. Swim Deep consists of a few "beach bums from Birmingham" that 
Just like everybody else, I'm happy as hell to have a small taste of Coexist after waiting for quite some time. It's definitely not something that would measure to a track like "Islands", instead it's what the xx is highly capable of perfecting- simplicity. Along with releasing "Angels", The XX released the album cover, tracklist, and several more tour dates. I am thrilled to find out that they will be coming to Philadelphia while i'm there (October 29th). ALSO, every ticket purchased for their tour comes with a free download of the upcoming album that will be released on September 11th! Now that's what I call a bargain. 
Foreign Beggars - "FLYING TO MARS"
Here's a little something to mix things up. I first heard of Foreign Beggars when they were featured on a Skrillex track (Scatta). Since then they've been growing and continuing to make more music with zee Skrill. 
I must admit, it was a bit of a pleasant surprise when I stumbled across this video earlier today. I guess I sorta fell out of the loop with Two Door Cinema Club, but I am thrilled to know that the follow-up to their debut album will be released on September 3rd! Their last & first album Tourist History is definitely one to check out. It's a pretty straight-forward album, and probably one of the first albums I was hooked on when I was introduced to rock music from Europe. Below is an extra song from TDCC's Japanese version of Tourist History, enjoy!

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