Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting Back Under The Covers: Part II

Welcome to Round 2 of my favorite cover songs! Hope you weren't expecting to see the "Rhiannon" cover recently destroyed by Best Coast. Yes, I did give it a listen and the benefit of the doubt, but it was so painful that I couldn't stick around to hear the end. 
If you would like to see for yourself, click on the links below. 

(Rolling Stones Cover)
Bombay Bicycle Club - "WHATCHA SAY" 
(Cover of Jason De Rulo's Cover of Imogen Heap)
A cover of a cover? It's funny in the beginning, but just give it some time and soon enough you'll be hooked on it. 
Ellie Goulding Ft. Tinie Tempah - "HANGING ON"
(Active Child Cover)
Birdy - "1901"
(Phoenix Cover)
Bon Iver - "COMING DOWN"
(Anais Mitchell Cover)
Cat Power - "WONDERWALL"
(Oasis Cover)
The Kills - "DREAMS"
(Fleetwood Mac Cover)

Pitchfork was kind enough to put together a list for "The Worst Covers of 2011", and if you're curious to see which ones made the list 
----> here ya go

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