Friday, September 28, 2012

freshvibesmonday #17 (OVERDUE)

YES I know It's Friday & not Monday (TGIF for all of you living a 9-5/M-F lifestyle like me.) I've been updating the Facebook page for LYED as much as possible, and if you haven't had a chance to check it out ---> PLEASE DO! :) Just click HERE & Poof, your ears and eyes are in for a treat! :)
If this band doesn't ring a bell, but Two Door Cinema Club does...guess what - they're touring together! Maybe this song rings a bell? If not, have no fear - this is a band from NYC that has a great future ahead of them. Although they're not touring on the West coast with TDCC, their east coast shows should be amazing! I'm fortunate enough that I will be seeing them on Saturday at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia! (AKA My new home). It's my first time checking out the Electric Factory, but I've heard several good things about this venue. Wish me luck! ;) 
I've been looking forward to this gem for quite some time after they recently announced (via Facebook) that they were going to release a new track. All 3 members of NERO (Daniel, Joe, and Alana) are currently working on their 2nd album, and how nice of them to share this gem that they initially planned to include in their DJ sets. I am a big fan of NERO, and was fortunate enough to catch their set during the first weekend of Coachella (which was beautiful). Sad to hear that the 2nd weekend set was scheduled earlier during the day, and therefore it didn't match what the members of NERO had expected for their ideal performance environment. I don't blame them! In my opinion,NERO comes alive in the night time. 
Don't forget! This track is a FREE DOWNLOAD! All you gotta do is click HERE
If you've been keeping up with the FB page for LYED then hopefully your ears would've listened to one of the latest unreleased tracks from The Head and the Heart recently performed live on KEXP. There was a bit of a twist though to this performance: only 3 of the band members are here for this specific performance (Josiah, Jonathan, and Charity) which are the three main vocalists for The Head and the Heart. They performed a couple of unreleased tracks (one of them was "untitled" or maybe that was the title?) Anyways, I felt this was a beautiful way to give listeners an opportunity to capture the acoustic version of upcoming tracks that will hopefully be released on the upcoming album. 
Here's an example of something that isn't as fresh as the other tracks featured on this post, but the debut album for Alt-J was released about a week ago on September 18th! Their music has been released over the course of the past few months, but I must admit that it is nice to listen to the album An Awesome Wave from beginning to end. This album is BEAUTIFUL and besides this track I am OBSESSED with "Something Good". I am constantly receiving Ben Howard & Radiohead vibes throughout each song In my response this album fits perfectly for my walk to the subway station. Usually I am looking for something for my walk to work that's overly upbeat such as Martin Solveig or even Two Door Cinema Club, but this album has definitely made it on the list.
A friend of mine recently introduced me to this song and I was stoked on from the start. Fair Lion (aka Victoria Tresko) is from New York and if you have a chance, check out her SoundCloud account. There's a handful of songs on there that are worth checking out! It's a little Imogen Heap-ish (which I love) but Fair Lion takes a more electronic/trip-pop direction. Regardless, her voice is mesmerizing alone. So, what do you think?
Mmmm between the latest release from TRUST and this new one from Cold Cave, that little dark & cold part of my soul is temporarily satisfied. If that sounded a little over the top then I'm glad.Fun Fact: this track was written, recorded, and performed by Wesley Eisold in his Los Angeles apartment. Cold Cave will be going on tour this fall and expect some new but familiar faces to be performing with him. Former members from Blood Brothers, Samhain, AFI, and LCD Soundsystem will be joining him on stage! 
Also, I recently stumbled upon this track by Swedish musician Hannes Norrvide that's worth checking out if you like the song above ---> Lust for Youth - Behind Curtains.
I'm just now hopping on the CHVRCHES train, and I won't be surprised if you do the same after listening to this catchy lil track. The Mother We Share is out on 5 November via National Anthem. Feel-good electronic indie is what's in store if you decide to click on the video above. Also, the higher the volume is when you listen to this song, the more you'll enjoy it. Looking for something with a punch? Listen to this one from CHVRCHES called "Lies"

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