Tuesday, October 9, 2012

freshvibesmonday #19

Shove everything that's bothering you to the side for now & just enjoy the music that's on this page. :)
Daughter - "RUN"
About a month ago when freshvibesmonday #16 was posted, I featured a track by Daughter titled "Smother". The track above was released as the proper B-side on October 1st. This track isn't entirely new, but this sharpened studio version is! Reminder, if you live in the Philly area - Daughter will be playing a show at Kung Fu Necktie on October 16th! Daughter has released two EP's titled The Wild Youth and His Young Heart that are AMAZING. You can find Daughter on Spotify or check out their SoundCloud // BandCamp. I love this band for how much power is conveyed through the lead singer's soft voice & their overall sound isn't afraid to tug with your heartstrings (a lot). 
The Babies - "GET LOST"
This is a band from Brooklyn that I recently stumbled upon via e-mail, and I am glad that I did. This is is definitely 3 minutes & 19 seconds of ear candy, so don't skip this gem! This is the right enough of garage rock that keeps me interested. "Get Lost" is featured on their forthcoming LP Our House on the Hill out on November 13th (via Woodsist). Click here to check out another song called "Moonlight Mile" that's a bit more rugged but still just as good. The Babies just announced a fall tour this is quite lengthy & by clicking on their name above you will find the list of tour dates from their Facebook page! 
Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - "LOVE IS ALL I GOT"
While I was on my way to work yesterday morning (730am East Coast time) I was looking through my Twitter feed and noticed that Feed Me had posted the official version of his recent collab with Crystal Fighters (who are well known for their perfect mix of Spanish & Basque music). After the first listen I immediately found myself going back to replay the track if that says anything. There are so many different words running through my head when listening to this song that I feel the only way to understand this song is to listen to it yourself. 
Kimbra - "TWO WAY STREET" (Aeroplane Remix)
I was very surprised (in a good way) when I found out that Aeroplane aka Vito De Luca recently remixed one of Kimbra's most popular tracks. If you're digging this track, check out Aeroplane's SoundCloud account for more! 
Chrome Canyon - "GENERATIONS"
So this track might not be fresh to you, but it is fresh to me! You can never go wrong with a little synth in your life (or a lot for this case). I was recently traveling through YouTube narnia the other day when I found this track.... and then to the right of the video were several other Chrome Canyon tracks that I eventually checked out as well. If you're looking for some futuristic instrumental material to get lost in - here you go!
This is a brand new track that I recently stumbled upon thanks to Pitchfork. It's definitely catchy in that Summer Camp / Envelopes kind of way. This is unfortunately the first I've heard from this Michigan band, and apparently it's been quite awhile since Saturday Looks Good to Me released something (4 years to be exact). This is a great "feel-good" song to include towards the end of the post if I do say so myself. 
Iggy Azalea - "BAC 2 THA FUTURE (MY TIME)"
Ugh I don't know what it is but I sure am hooked on Iggy Azalea. Actually I do know - it's a combination of her voice, style, and the way she raps about whatever is on her mind, literally. Iggy Azalea is about to release her latest mixtape titled TrapGold this coming Thursday & the track/video above is a "teaser" to keep us hanging on until then. She is currently on tour with Rita Ora & will be coming to Philadelphia pretty soon! For more updates regarding this Australian "Rapstress" check out Iggy's Twitter account

P.S. Today two of my favorite albums were finally released in the US! Halcyon from Ellie Goulding & Lonerism from Tame Impala. Both Halcyon & Lonerism are sophomore albums and do a damn good job at following up to the respected debut albums. 
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