Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LYED - Putting A Plug On 2012

Over the past couple of weeks I've made several attempts at creating posts that feature my favorite songs/albums of 2012, but to be honest - 2012 was an AMAZING year for music. There were too many to individually list on a blog post (could you imagine how long the post would be?) From my involvement with this lovely music blog, I was able to find/discover amazing artists such as: ON AN ON, Kill Paris, The NeighbourhoodJessie Ware, Alt-J, Breton, Star Slinger, CHVRCHES, and more! More specifically, creating posts like "Getting Under The Covers" and "YouTube Narnia" helped expand my appreciation of music by miles. Can't forget how many concerts/festivals I attended in the various cities & states, and that my friends is what made this year AMAZING. If you ever get the chance to see a band live, DON'T PUT IT PAST YOU! Mark my words. New or old, popular or underground.... live music is something I deeply treasure & hope you do too!
I was recently asked to guest blog about my Top 10 albums on The Source Weekly, and in addition you can check out what I had to say about my #1 album of 2012 - Halcyon by Ellie Goulding! Special thanks to Ethan Maffey for giving LYED this amazing opportunity! You can check out everything Ethan has posted in terms of  "Best Of ____ (aka everything music related)" by clicking HERE! It's a pretty amazing compilation of lists to say the least. 
P.S. By clicking on TSW link above, you can see which tracks I picked from my Top 10 favorite albums - definitely worth checking out
So instead of multiple posts, I decided to sum everything up (that could be accounted for on Spotify) on a Playlist instead! This is a compiled list of songs that were either featured here on LYED or on the FB page for LYED. There's a handful of gems that are on this playlist that might have slipped past LYED posts, my apologies! Although this list is pretty lengthy, it definitely could have been longer because several songs I had blogged about in the past weren't available on Spotify *insert sad emoji face*. If there is a track/artist that I forgot to add on the playlist (which wouldn't surprise me) LET LYED KNOW by posting on LYED'S FB Page, which is less than 40 likes away from 400. I would be more than happy to add your suggestions! :)
So, here is the amazing playlist that best defines LYED (from a Spotify point of view). I hope this playlist brings back old & amazing memories from the past year or attracts you to an artist that you've never heard before! Thanks everyone! XX 

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