Monday, February 25, 2013

YYYs, it's nice to have you back.

Has today been "one of those days" for you? Well here's something to brighten up your (manic) Monday by your favorite trio from the Big Apple, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. After dealing with the torture of YouTube clips uploaded from lucky fans who attended their private show at the Glass House back in January, the wait is over. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have finally exposed their first track from their album MOSQUITO (via Facebook) and "Sacrilege" is as awesome as I expected. Not much else to say besides - holy sh*t you guys, they're back
Hopefully you're outta your seat by now. 
RELEASE DATE FOR MOSQUITO - APRIL 15th, which takes place between both weeks of Coachella  (less than 2 months away!)
For those of you in the UK, MOSQUITO drops on April 15th!
Wanna get it out of the way and pre-order MOSQUITO? Click here friends. 

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