Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Two Words: London Grammar

I was almost finished with listening to Settle, the debut album from Disclosure that's been taking the world over by storm (or so it seems) when I stumbled across something amazing.  Out of every track that bounced in and out of my mind in a proper fashion, I found myself mesmerized by the last track. The song was called "Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)" and it immediately put my mind in a relaxing trance. Since then I've kept my eyes on this talented pop trio whose sound brushes the shoulders of artists like Zola Jesus and The XX. As I was on my flight back to Texas from California, I was thrilled to find this brand new from them called "Strong." For only being 23, Hannah Reid has the vocal capability that makes you want to melt into your seat from just how dark & captivating it truly is.  

"Strong" is off their forthcoming debut album that comes out September 1st. In my personal opinion, I am looking foward to hearing their full-length after falling in love with their short but solid EP titled Metal & Dust.
Check it out below, or head over to iTunes to pick it up for less than $5!  

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