Friday, August 30, 2013


Welp, we meet again. Needless to say that my wallet & I are just now recovering from the $8 beers and lack of shade (except for the Samantha tent where I spent 80% of Sunday, by choice.) I am here to tell you about the FYF Fest, but here's a spoiler alert: IT WAS AWESOME. This is the festival you want to invest in next year, because it just keeps getting better. If you're not ready for the overwhelming $$$ festival in the desert we all know as Coachella, FYF is for you. With 30,000+ attendees, it did get a little tight in the beer gardens at night, but there was still plenty of room to get your groove on at the four different stages named after Sex & the City characters. 
So to sum it up before I flood you with pictures, I got a taste of every branch of diversity that took place at the festival from Mac DeMarco to Shlohmo to Holy Ghost! Just like every other festival, you hop around everywhere and sometimes you miss the acts you were looking the most forward to. That's life. 
Oh yeah,the blown up emojis scattered across the festival grounds were a nice touch. 


As if their set couldn't get any better, Aloe Blacc joined Classixx on stage to perform "Holding On." Talk about one big dance party.
Jeppe was also a special guest to perform "I'll Get You."
Yeah Yeah Yeahs closed out the Carrie Stage Saturday Night perfectly with "Heads Will Roll" and a whole lot of confetti. Are my ears still ringing? Possibly.  

Who also stole the show on Saturday that I didn't successfully capture? TV ON THE RADIO. Not only did they play the classics, but their new tune "Mercy" sounded incredible through the festival speakers. One of the heaviest tracks to date, it was also accompanied by other new material that the crowd absorbed in quite perfectly.


How To Dress Well 
(P.S. She has a new album coming out, details here.)
The Samantha tent was filled to the brim for Flume's early evening set. I can honestly say that he left me absolutely speechless and was a nice turnaround after catching How To Dress Well & Glasser's intimate performances. Flume is currently touring North America, and if you know what's good for your ears you'll click here for tour dates.  Check him out over on SoundCloud where you'll find an abundance of great material to spend the rest of your day with. 

If you're wondering if Tim Harrington (of Les Savy Fav) did in fact crowd surf on a ladder held by the fans, the answer is YES. LSF's set was filled with fun and good vibes thanks to Harrington's crazy antics. Going from a metallic suit down to his underwear, and falling off the ladder during "Sleepless in Silverlake" yet still singing in the words... there wasn't a dull moment. It was a pleasure to experience those around me who were just as excited LSF as I was. If you ever have the chance to catch these guys, do not pass this up!    
So, who was your favorite set? Did you get to see everyone that you wanted or did you have to miss out on Beach House like I unfortunately did. 
If you could sum up your experience at FYF Fest in three words, what would you say? 
If you asked me, I'd say "worth every penny."

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