Monday, August 12, 2013

ON AN ON Covers Hot Chip & Bjork

Ah, just when I was perfectly satisfied with ON AN ON's debut album Give In, they continue to deliver with two amazing covers. Earlier this year, On an On covered Hot Chip's "And I was a Boy From School" over at Driver Recording for Sessions From the Box. By nailing that familiar loop, the trio channels just the right amount of dance vibes (insert imaginary toe tapping emoji here.) Bjork's "Unison" sounds like a completely different track when ON AN ON covered it recently. Their synthesized take on the track gives me goosebumps as the vocals switch from lead singer Nate Eiesland to keyboardist/vocalist Alissa Ricci for "I never thought I would compromise." Although the original is more stripped down, both tracks convey the level of intimacy suggested through the lyrics.  

Like what you hear?
Be sure to visit ON AN ON's bandcamp when the singles drop on August 20th!
They're also selling this on cassette during their fall tour (see dates below.)
If OAO is coming to a city near you, you should definitely check them out. One of the most underrated bands currently, (fangirl on) I would stumble across the US to catch this entire tour if I could (fangirl off.) They were without a doubt one of my favorites from my SXSW experience.

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