Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Tricks Just Treats

It's the day before Halloween, and after experiencing my fair share of Halloween adventures while living in Isla Vista (which usually lasted up to a week) - I must admit that it just isn't the same when the 31st rolls around. This year is a different story as I am especially excited for the upcoming celebration because I will be seeing Arcade Fire, or should I say The Reflektors at the Hollywood Palladium! Yesterday they released their 4th studio album Reflektor, which I'm just going to go ahead and call it one of my favorites from this year thus far (in my book.) I'll leave the reviewing to Lindsay Zoladz of P4K who couldn't have said it better in her album review of Reflektor.
Grab Reflektor on iTunes here!
Last night The Reflektors performed a "secret show" in LA, which happened to be at Capitol Records. Attendees were granted tickets through a series of "social media tasks" along with a contest courtesy of The Music Experiment! For the Palladium show, those who pre-ordered Reflektor were given a code to purchase pre-sale tickets. For the rest of us, tickets went on sale at 12pm last Saturday, and sold out in about a minute. If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket by clicking at the speed of light, I'll see you there!
In addition to Arcade Fire, White Denim released their latest Corsicana Lemonade yesterday as well - an album that's true to their Texan roots. Here's a heads up for all my Texans, White Denim will be headlining the KXT radio's Holiday show on 12/14 at The Live Oak, aka the one place I didn't catch a show during the 10 months I lived there. Here's the link for tickets/more info! 
After a few solid listens via Spotify and a couple days worth of surfing live performances via YouTube (e.g. the one above) I'm looking forward to watching them open for Tame Impala at the Belasco Theatre tonight! 
Like what you hear? Do your ears a favor & grab Corsicana Lemonade here 
If you didn't already know, you can now stream Small Sounds, the forthcoming 5-track EP from Tennis via Pitchfork Advance by clicking here
On Monday night I had the pleasure of seeing Yeezus himself as well as Kendrick Lamar at the Staples Center! It was a great experience, but what added to the Yeezus cake were the comments I heard from those surrounding where I sat. When I stumbled upon this on BuzzFeed, it was nice to know I wasn't the only one hearing obscenities in response to Kanye West's unique two-hour performance. 
If you haven't heard of F M L Y B N D already, then today is your lucky day. I stumbled across this six-piece band from Isla Vista all thanks to my good friend Vanessa Palmer. They just released their debut EP Gold, which is a great way to define their first body of work. F M L Y B N D recently played at the 2nd annual New Noise Block Party in Santa Barbara a couple weekends ago along with Cayucas and HAIM as the headliner! 

P.S. If you head over to their SoundCloud account, you'll find a handful of songs that are free downloads! This band has an exciting future ahead of them.
Last, but not least - the boys of Holy Ghost! recently remixed RAC's "Let Go" featuring Kele from Bloc Party & MNDR. It's a fun one, and you can grab it on iTunes here!  

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