Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Tracks You Need To Hear Right Meow

Every now and then I realize that I need to take a night off to *relax* instead of venturing to shows all over LA.Tonight is definitely one of them, and although I would love to either be at the Troubadour watching Foxes or House of Blues on Sunset for Jessie Ware - having a lazy night in is what's on the menu for tonight.    
If you didn't know already - I LOVE FLIGHT FACILITIES. This duo from Australia produced one of my favorite songs (and video) of last year (Clair DeLune ft. Christine Hoberg.) This time they're back with "Stand Still" featuring Micky Green, and definitely resembles something I'd expect from Little Dragon. So yeah, give it a listen & let me know what you think!
"Ooooh you girls you drive me crazy." This song is everything. I've heard about this all-girl band from Brooklyn for quite some time, but it wasn't until I heard this song playing one day at work that I totally fell in love with them. I honestly can't believe I waited this long, these girls are badass. "Crazy" is off Au Revoir Simone's most recent album Move In Spectrums and you can check it out by clicking here!
A few weeks ago I posted about the release of Lovers' most recent album A Friend in The World, and of all the gems I seem to favor "Oh Yeah" the most. Hearing Carolyn Berk sing "I know I got through to you" is haunting and amazing at the same time. 
*FREE DOWNLOAD ALERT* I was looking forward to catching this mesmerizing trio from Nashville who go by the name of BASECAMP at last night's CHVRCHES show (which you'll hear more about in the next post), but due to the awfulness that is Los Angeles traffic- I just missed them *sad emoji* Both CHVRCHES & BASECAMP are making their way east, so if you get the chance, grab a ticket to the show and learn from my mistake - get there early! 
Here's the 1st track from Yujen's debut EP due out sometime in 2014. "Try It Over" features the vocals from fellow Ozzie Chet FakerYujen are from Melbourne, and I highly suggest checking out their SoundCloud page to hear more of the band. 

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