Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LYED Guest Mixtape

Heyyy you guys, it's been awhile. Here's a mix I received awhile back that I've been meaning to share with y'all! Ethan Maffey, a music editor for The Source Weekly (located in Bend, Oregon) created it and I couldn't dig the selection more. Among the 13 different artists in the playlist you'll find Mesita, who was featured as a Friday Fascination back in November. Also, I was recently introduced to Mother Falcon and they're on the list as well! If you're a fan of Beirut or Ra Ra Riot's earlier stuff - you should definitely check Mother Falcon out! Closing out the playlist is "Barely Love You Too" by Frank + Derol a duo from LA.. oh yeah, did I mention Miley's older sister is one of the two? I might be obsessed.. Anyways, take a listen below & let me know if you have a favorite from the list!
 P.S. Ethan was kind enough to include LYED's 3 year-end posts all in one spot along with a handful of other exciting lists! Feel free to check it out here
I'm all about exchanging music, so if you have a song or playlist you'd like to share with LYED - send an e-mail to letyourearsdecide@gmail.com & I'd love to check it out! Maybe you'll see it on here too! :)

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