Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Picks, Conflicts, and Predicts of Coachella: Day Three

DAY 3 A.K.A. Sunday A.K.A. the last hurrah of Coachella, unless you're coming back for Weekend 2? For those of you who aren't, time to suck it up & give it all you got (because you can always sleep on the drive home Monday.)  If you didn't overdo it on Friday, you probably went all out on Saturday - I mean, who wouldn't when Skrillex is a headliner. Either way, the festival ends the earliest on this day so there aren't as many acts to catch!
Last year I ventured alone into the festival quite early (because everyone was hanging out in struggle city) and ended up having an amazing time. Not only did I get to see Wild Belle, but I stumbled upon Little Green Cars & Robert Delong (both were acts I had never listened to before.) 
 P.S. Unfortunately Beady Eye will not performing in the desert this year *sad face emoji*
but LANA DEL REY will still be there, and look better than 99.9999% of us. Do you think she's learned a few moves since her SNL performance? 
JK! I love you Lana, I really really do. 

My Picks:

Anna Lunoe
Jhene Aiko
James Vincent McMorrow
Flight Facilities
The 1975
Little Dragon
Lana Del Rey
Calvin Harris
Arcade Fire

Who I refuse to miss: Flight Facilities, Daughter, Little Dragon, and The 1975
I've been loving on Flight Facilities since forever ago, and to finally catch them in the US is equal parts amazing and rare. I would recommend a song, but everything they've ever released has been golden. Be sure to spend the rest of your day on their SoundCloud page, you can thank me later.
I'll be making my way bright & early to catch Anna Lunoe whose latest single "Breathe" is rather addicting & will probably sound divine in a festival setting. 
Predictions: I'm probably going to cry during Daughter (because let's be real, I've cried every single time I've seen them.) Classixx are known for bringing out at least a handful of vocalists to perform the tracks from their debut album Hanging Gardens, but this could possibly be the first time Nancy Whang will be there to perform "All You're Waiting For" (which is by far one of the best summer songs EVER.) The LA duo are more fit for the festival scene, and it only makes sense for her to be around since she's heavily involved with Holy Ghost! (who will also be performing.)

Conflicts: When I'm more than positive that Calvin Harris will close out Sahara, will Disclosure play before him or will they close out another stage like Mojave where they performed last year? I am crossing my fingers there won't be as much of a conflict situation since the day is shorter, but this thought could easily change as soon as the schedule is released (any day now Coachella, any day now.) 

3 acts I'm looking forward to seeing for the 1st time: FLIGHT FACILITIES, FLIGHT FACILITIES, AND FLIGHT FACILITIES. 

Who I'm Skipping On: Krewella, sorry that's not quite my scene. Probably stick around for a few NMH songs, and I'll probably do most of my "sight-seeing" this day (find me at the beer garden hugging my battery-operated misting fan WHICH WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE, BELIEVE ME.)

My favorite Day 3 acts from the past: 
Ellie Goulding (2011)
The Presets (2011)
Death From Above 1979 (2011)
Metronomy (2012)
Porter Robinson (2012)
Nero (2012)
Wild Belle (2013)
Jessie Ware (2013)
Tame Impala (2013)
Pretty Lights (2013)

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