Monday, July 28, 2014


Okay, okay.. you caught me. A song I featured in FVM#36 is in this week's edition, too. Need a hint on which one it is? (It's the first track.) When Young Summer released "Siren" last week, I literally fell in love with it at first listen. Her music is flat-out dreamy, and "Siren" reminds me of Daughter aka IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and hard to take off repeat. Back in February LYED featured her as a Friday Fascination (read it here!)
There's a lot of new names in this week's list that I've been introduced to recently (astronomyy & Adult Jazz who has a new album coming out next week!) Which song is your favorite from this batch? 
In other news, Sir Sly just announced that their debut full-length comes out September 16th(!) and to celebrate they've released "You Haunt Me" (which is also the name of the record.)
ICYMI: Twin Oaks was last week's Friday Fascination (check 'em out here after.)

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