Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Fascination: Laura Welsh

Let me be the one to tell you (if you haven't heard already) that Laura Welsh is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to her talent & voice. "Cold Front" easily captured my attention last summer, and last month her self-titled EP dropped (via Outsiders Recorded Music Limited.) In short, the EP is oozing with passion, and a perfect example would be track #3 "Break The Fall" (featured below.)

Like what you hear? Listen to the rest of the 4-song EP on iTunes. Save the $3.36 by not purchasing a mediocre coffee and instead grab this stellar work of art on iTunes (you can thank me later.)

P.S. All i have to say about this cover is: YES, YES, AND YES. 

Now what are you waiting for? Get to listening! 

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