Monday, August 4, 2014

LYED x Outside Lands Preview

Outside Lands will always hold a special place in my (overly-obsessed-with-all-things-music-related) heart. What's so great about it? Well to keep this from being another novel, I'll break it down from my own perspective. It's that one festival where it's not just a hop, skip, and a cartwheel away to get to the next stage like it is at Coachella, so instead - each stage is a separate unique shrine (for music, of course.) In fact, if you're planning on catching half of a set at Twin Peaks, and think it'll only take you a couple minutes to find a decent spot near the Sutro stage, think again. Also, If you're considering re-using your outfit from Bonnaroo, you better plan on adding at least a few more layers. Good news is that you won't have to worry about being caged up consuming overpriced beers, but the bad news is- beers will still be overpriced as per usual (duh.)

Other thoughts:
This is the first time GIVERS have made an appearance out in the public eye in what seems like, um forever?
Holy Ghost! vs. Warpaint on Friday? The real question is: do you want to dance your pants off or do you want to watch 4 badass females rip through jams such as "Bees" & "Disco//very?" You be the judge, I'll be at Lands End. 
3:00-8:00 on Saturday = it's about to get physical, and by physical I mean how many times are you willing to hop around Golden Gate Park to catch everyone that's playing? Maybe you should reconsider your choice of shoes for the event and stick with something more comfortable (besides, it's highly unlikely that your shoes will even make it in the picture.)

Planning on heading to the fest early? Here's 3 bands worth checking out:

Friday-NIGHT TERRORS OF 1927, 12PM @ Panhandle
 Saturday- DUM DUM GIRLS, 12:20PM @ Lands End
 Sunday- WOODS, 1:10PM @ Sutro 

Who am I looking forward to seeing at Outside Lands this year? Listen below.

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