Wednesday, September 10, 2014

8 Albums Your Ears Need To Hear

If you thought to yourself at some point that there were a large handful of album releases taking place yesterday, you're absolutely right. Not sure how or why this was the week to explode with new music for the world to hear, but it happened & it happened in a way that is far from a bad thing. There were so many that I had to cap this post at 8. Spend the rest of your day (or week) by checking out the selection below because you're bound to find something & besides - this post isn't going anywhere. ;)

Delta Spirit - Into The Wide 
It's nice to hear from these guys again, actually it's really, really nice. This band blends alternative rock and country so well I can't decide what it sounds like more, so rather than spend time thinking about it I just choose to dive head first into the music.
(Grab the album on vinyl or cd here via their website.)

InterpolEl Pintor 
We can sit here and discuss that Interpol will never make another album that's as great as Turn On The Bright Lights or we can acknowledge the fact that Interpol has made an album post Carlos D & still carries the same drive that we've always loved about the NYC band. I don't care what anyone says, the candle that Interpol holds has never burned brighter.
(Get the album on iTunes here.)

BANKS - Goddess
Goddess is a great debut album from Jillian Banks with most of the material lingering our ears for the past year. I must admit the rest of the album filled in quite nicely with tracks such as "Fuck Em Only We Know" & "Someone New." 
(Take my word & go for the deluxe version on iTunes by clicking here.)

TENNIS - Ritual In Repeat 
Since the release of their debut album Cape Dory, the Denver duo have developed into one of the most promising indie-pop duos. Releasing Ritual In Repeat just in time before their US tour has me extra excited for their date at The Troubadour (10/25.) Plus, "I'm Callin'" is easily one of my favorite songs of the year.
(Grab Ritual In Repeat on iTunes here.)

ODESZA - In Return
Ain't nothing wrong with an album full of solid vibes. In fact, a good friend of mine declared In Return "dream music" over on The Kollection & I couldn't agree with her more.
(Grab In Return on iTunes here.)

Karen O - Crush Songs 
In short, this is the album I've always dreamt of someone like Karen O creating. "Do I really need another habit like you?" Centered around her life at 27, one (at any age) can relate to what Karen O conveys in Crush Songs, simply that having a crush can open the floodgate of tumbling emotions. Keep in mind, these are all demos.
(Grab Crush Songs on iTunes here.)

Like SwimmingStructures
This is the proper debut from the Swedish indie-pop trio. LYED featured LS a couple weeks ago as a Friday Fascination & ever since it's been nothing but good vibes coming from these guys. They recently announced that they're coming to NYC this fall, one can only hope that a stop on the West coast is apart of that plan as well.
(Grab Structures on iTunes here.)

Jhene Aiko - Souled Out
I'll keep it short & sweet. Souled Out is easy on the ears from beginning to end and drenched in sultry talent. Plus Buzzfeed featured an article titled "11 Ways Smoking Weed Can Improve a Woman's Life According to Jhene Aiko" so you can only imagine that certain things go well with listening to her album.
(Grab Souled Out on iTunes here.)

Other albums you should definitely check out while you're in the mood for new music:
Slow Magic - How To Run Away
Avi Buffalo - At Best Cuckold
Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World
Cathedrals - Cathedrals EP

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