Monday, October 13, 2014


(Shout-out to my friend @mallorystarr for lending me this week's image for FVM.)

Keeping it short & sweet with the selection this week for now, but there's no telling of what gems will be released in the next couple of days - so as always, watch this space. I have to admit, I'm extra excited to hear from Tei Shi again - this time with "Bassically" a song that's sparked the internet's airwaves ever so perfectly. (I highly recommend listening to "Nevermind The End" over on her SoundCloud, that song gives me butterflies every time I listen to it.) ALSO, we've been exposed to the first taste of Oh Land's forthcoming album with the title track "Head Up High." Definitely a fan. 
If the name Crooked Colours rings a bell, it could have been when LYED featured them as a Friday Fascination back in May? Heard "Capricious" for the first time on Saturday night and instantly added it to this week's FVM. P.S. Hope you're as excited about "FROOT" as I am, there's no telling what Marina Diamandis has up her sleeve for album #3. 

PSSTT. Hey Santa Barbara, Happy New Noise Week! Hoping to absorb as much music as possible on Wednesday & Thursday starting with one of my favorite bands ever, Polica at SOHo! I was fortunate enough to catch this four-piece in Philadelphia two years ago at Union Transfer, with the talented Gardens & Villa as the opening band (as if I couldn't have been anymore homesick.) Needless to say it was one of the best nights I experienced while living in Philly - because seeing Polica live is unlike anything else. Do yourself a favor and grab a ticket now before it sells out, seriously!  

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