Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fascination: FMLYBND

As a current resident of Santa Barbara, I'm quite pleased with what my ears have heard from the current bands that circulate the area. One in particular is a four-piece that go by the name of FMLYBND. They're "a band from the slum beach paradise of Isla Vista" (where I also lived for a handful of years and can agree 100% with that description.)

“Letting Go” is the first release of 2015 for FMLYBND, who will be releasing a new single for free every month this year! (Help it climb the charts by giving it a heart over on Hypemachine.) Next release date: February 16th! I'm looking forward to each and every release, as their most recent EP Back To Life was a proper debut and one of the most energetic releases of 2014 in my book.  
ALSO! FMLYBND recently uploaded their stellar cover of "Where Is My Mind?" by The Pixies onto their SoundCloud account, which is a highlight of their most recent shows.
P.S. You'll be doing your ears a favor if you follow them on SoundCloud because that's where you'll find all of their material (both new and old) as soon as they're released. 

(Download the studio version of their cover.)
& last but not least, if you're catching Milky Chance on tour this Spring, there's a good chance you'll be seeing FMLYBND as well (if the date of your show is listed below.)

FMLYBND on Twitter
FMLYBND on Tumblr 
FMLYBND on YouTube

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