Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Putting A Plug on 2014: SONGS

I know I know, 2014 was "so two weeks ago", but guess what? The end of year post for songs for LYED is finally here. I repeat, IT'S FINALLY HERE (!!!!!!!) I've lost my mind & quite a bit of sleep over this, and i've definitely overslept during the creation of this grand finale of a playlist. All that matters is that you can find everything in this compact blog post. Sounds simple & amazing, right?
 Below are the favorite songs of 2014 for Let Your Ears Decide. Yes, there's a mini-countdown at the bottom if you're really wondering what the top of the top were for 2014, but here's the deal. The large amount of material that this post is about to deliver onto your eardrums should be consumed in a consistent & equivalent manner. This playlist kicks off with the top 10 and after that it is shuffled at random. I love each and every song on this playlist with a passion, and if you just devote a couple hours (or 10 hours) of your time - you will understand where i'm coming from with this selection!

10 hours of nonstop amazing music is what you just witnessed, but you're probably wondering how I managed to have all of LYED's top songs on Spotify, but here's the catch, they weren't. So below you'll find 20 songs that helped make this year go by with ease but weren't available on Spotify (aka making Spotify Premium seem semi-pointless.)  

If I could I would hug each and every one of these songs because they're so offing great and deserve attention from everyone.

Top 10 Overall 
 10. "Two Bodies" by Flight Facilities
9. "If You Ever Want To Be In Love" by James Bay 
8. "Want Your Feeling" by Jessie Ware
7. "Rivers In Your Mouth" by Ben Howard
6. "Doves" by Future Islands
5. "Emanate" by Phoria
4. "Your Planet" by Young Ejecta
3. "Somebody's Talking" by The Preatures
2. "Good Mistake" by Mr. Little Jeans
1. "1998" by Chet Faker

So now that 2014 is finally wrapped up, it's time to welcome the new year with the LYED: 2015 playlist over on Spotify! Believe me when I say it's already off to a good start. 

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