Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Fascination: NAVVI

Have you ever discovered a band that you felt immediately attached to and wanted to keep to yourself, but once you realize how talented and amazing they are - it's better to do the opposite? That's how I feel with NAVVI, a Seattle based experimental electro-pop project formed by Kristin Henry and Brad Boettger. Words can't express how much I love their most recent EP, and how confused I feel that they're currently unsigned. Listen below and join the undying fascination I have with these two. 

Although "Perfect Speed" is a beautiful opener, I must confess that "LA//3AM" is my favorite off their EP, as it tends to casually stay on repeat as much as possible. Sadly "//" is an EP that somehow unfortunately slipped past my list from last year, but excuse my language when I describe it as a goddamn gold mine. How did I sleep on this EP? In addition to "//", NAVVI also released an exclusive track titled "Speak" for "Kitsuné America 3 – The Musical Road Trip" that you can find on their magnificent SoundCloud page. Take my word & spend some time on there, seriously.

P.S. NAVVI recently covered one of my favorite songs by Radiohead "Climbing Up The Walls" & let me put it politely - it's a massage for the ears. Leave this on repeat after a late night or when you're looking for the perfect moment to relax, because this is your best bet as a companion when it comes to music. I am highly looking forward to catching NAVVI when they make their way to California, and hope you're thinking the same. 
This is magic in the making. 

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