Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Fascination: JUDE.

Sometimes you go to a venue to meet up with a band, and end up hanging with another group of individuals that are also in a band - and it isn't until after the hangout *ends* do you realize - WAIT, i've totally listened to those guys before! That was my experience with JUDE. aka a stellar duo from West Palm Beach, Florida during this year's South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. In addition to feeling like an idiot, I'm just going to blame it on the rain and the level of deliriousness that was present from it taking place during the tail-end of SXSW.  
Enough about that, now let's zero-in on the awesomeness that are Kevin James Neal and Sydney Morris. If you've read about these two before, the descriptions are borderline accurate in defining their sound - but i'm just saying, if Alina Baraz, Made In Heights, Fickle Friends, and Lorde all decided to make a song together - it would sound like a JUDE. track. Where am I going with this? I think we have a band on the loose that's elegantly blowing up right in front of our eyes that needs to be heard by everyone and their cousin. 

According to the band "This is a snapshot of the sound and aesthetic we're trying to achieve as JUDE."
Visit Jude.'s BandCamp or to get The Bedroom EP  for free. Yes, you heard me - this small yet beautiful body of music is f r e e for your taking. 
As I scrolled through my likes on LYED's SoundCloud page, I realized, wow... I've liked nearly every song on The Bedroom EP on their SoundCloud page (which includes a few more gems in addition to the EP, do your ears a favor and go check it out now!)

Now that you've fallen in love with these two, go follow JUDE. on Twitter

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