Monday, April 13, 2015


Photo Credit: @_sasha.h
So how about that Drake set? 
Anyways, Happy Monday! The Monday after Coachella (weekend 1), is always a rough one where everyone and their brother feel like they were hit by a semi-truck. Or if you're one of the unlucky ones, you're feeling rested from a weekend spent at home, and now it's business time. Either way, here's a playlist to help you get through the drive home from the polo fields, and/or help wash away the Monday blues that always seem to creep up right around 9AM when you're waiting for the coffee to kick in. 
Don't forget, JUDE. from Florida was last week's Friday Fascination. Check 'em out.

This also happened at Coachella, Clean Bandit x Marina and the Diamonds. What are your thoughts? I absolutely love this collab and can't wait to hear the studio version of it (and that would be.......?)


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