Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Fascination: Shura

If you didn't already know, TOMORROW IS RECORD STORE DAY!!!! One of the best days to exist in the year if you ask me. Where will you spend your day at? Although I wish I could hop on a magic carpet and head straight to Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie, Texas, I will be making the most of it here in Santa Barbara (gotta support the locals right?) When I found out earlier this week that Shura would be participating in RSD by releasing a special (and limited to 500) vinyl for her hit single "Indecision" attached with the latest remix by Jungle, I was instantly stoked. Shortly afterwards, I realized this would only be released in the UK & my excitement transitioned to a melancholic state. I know I have a lot of favorite songs, but "Indecision" is 110% pure gold in my ears. It's the epitome of being equal parts catchy and groovy, which is why I wanted to feature this talented woman originally from Shepherd's Bush for those of you who may not have heard of her. Since Shura's music isn't available on iTunes (yet) I highly recommend checking out her SoundCloud page where you'll find a sufficient amount of both original material and remixes. 
Gems on Gems on Gems. 
P.S. You can still purchase the original single on vinyl with the Formation remix attached on Side B through Shura's online shop.
Can't wait to see everyone's vinyl haul tomorrow! 
Good luck on finding/getting what you want! 

P.P.S. Follow Shura on Twitter

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