Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Throwdown

 "Taxes are done. Spring has sprung. Bounties of pollen cloud my sinuses. But music keeps my mind and spirits afloat.

When LYED asked me (Sasha) if I’d like to contribute to this creative and refreshing musical outlet she’s carved for herself and others, I thought to myself, “Sasha, how does one articulate and communicate the synergy of music and love or, rather, love for music and music for love?” The answer may not be communicable by words, so, instead, let’s take it back, way back, back into time (okay, not really that far back, I know, I know) to the jams of yesterday, yesteryear, yester-decade, and groove like these artists did when their songs were (and remain to be, at least, in our hearts) #1.
This is LYED’s very first throw-it-back-throwdown-Thursday,y’all. 
Feel the music. 
Feel the love. 
Keep it real. xoxo."
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