Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stuck on Repeat: GRRL PAL - "Radar"

I can't believe it's been 2 years since I first discovered "Amazon" by the Australian duo GRRL PAL. Danny K & Jay LeKat make up GRRL PAL & want you to know that they're "a girl-boy electro-pop duo, that writes, records and produces their music from a bedroom in Perth, Western Australia." To watch them progress with every release via GP's SoundCloud (which is a glittery kingdom filled with songs that twinkle and shine if you were curious to know), has been quite exciting to say the least. Side note: I highly recommend checking out their SoundCloud. Their most recent release "Radar" is by far a standout on their forthcoming debut EP titled Paradise (which is 100% appropriate in my opinion) that drops this Friday. In addition to Oh Wonder & FMLYBND, GRRL PAL will also be releasing one song a month for the remainder of the year, yet another reason to get excited about this up-and-coming duo. 
Dive into "Radar" below! 

Now if you don't mind, I'll just be here twiddling my thumbs until these two play their first show in the states. 
Info sent along with release:
Track 6 has been finally been revealed and GRRLPAL are super excited to bring to you RADAR, the final instalment to their very first EP!

Telling the traditional tale of girl meets boy, girl likes boy, girl gets boy; RADAR was written about crushing on a cute guy and enticing him into luuurving you, TAY TAY style.

With their second release PARADISE clocking up over 160 000 plays on Soundcloud, their January track DARE over 30 000 and NGHT maintaining high rotation on triple j unearthed radio, the duo are definitely a promising new act on the pure pop scene. With Danny K’s glistening electronic production and Jay Le Kat’s “interstellar” vocal performances, the pair are set to surprise their listeners with an array of slick melodies that will stay stuck in their brains for days.

“Spacey synths are stretched and layered over a stomp-clap beat that has us dancing like the clubs going up on a Monday morning.”

“Jay Le Kat and Danny K go one step further, beating their own bonkers drum until it bursts.”

“A glistening dose of pop that’s heavy on charm and dripping with glitchy electronics.”


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