Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FMLYBND - "Save Me From Myself"

Isla Vista's finest FMLYBND have been keeping us on our toes as we wait for this month's installment of a new release (that also serves as a free download), and here it is! "For their April release, the band shows off their grungy, surf-rock influences. Entitled "Save Me From Myself," the song displays a new dimension of the band that departs from the dance elements that initially pulled in fans all over the world. Still, it's going to be hard NOT to sway to this!
"Save Me From Myself" is a part of FMLYBND's big endeavor to put out a new song a month for all of 2015." Catch it on this week's edition of freshvibesmonday along with several other gems. You can download the rest of FMLYBND's tracks on their SoundCloud, including last month's "Euphoria" which was an LYED favorite right from the start. This is definitely not an opportunity to sleep on, so get straight to listening. Besides, there's a pretty sweet cover waiting for you on their site that is a definite highlight during their live performance. 
P.S. FMLYBND is heading on tour with Milky Chance, if you missed the memo you can check the dates at www.fmlybnd.com
(Don't forget, FMLYBND was a Friday Fascination back in January.)

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