Monday, May 4, 2015


It's Monday night and I'm feeling equal parts alive & exhausted at the same time. So with that, I've attempted to scoop as many uppity gems as I could find, because sometimes you make last minute decisions on a Friday afternoon to hop on a plane and go to San Francisco for the weekend. This Monday hasn't been the brightest, but it's okay though - this is a big week for yours truly. To sum it up, I'll be leaving my job as a Visual for H&M, and heading down the street back to where it all started, Urban Outfitters! Onwards & upwards, right? So if you're ever in Santa Barbara, come say hey (and shop my blog's vinyl section while you're at it, hehe.)
Hope you guys dig this week's playlist, and through all of the craziness that's been taking place - expect to see LYED more in your face than usual. The last couple of posts have featured a couple individual finds that separately made my ears feel reaaal good. You know, the way music is supposed to make you feel.

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