Tuesday, May 5, 2015

LYED Meets PDX (via Elysse Ralph)

Elysse Ralph here writing on behalf of LYED, and I recently made the leap from Los Angeles. To where, you ask? PORTLAND, OREGON.
It's been a minute but after exploring a new city (in which I fell in love with the first time I step foot here), I can now call Portland "home." Ups, downs, and all arounds was the name of the game moving from Los Angeles to Portland - but I literally couldn’t be happier even if I tried (as I'm currently writing this with a dumb grin on my face.)
So now that I have a couple jobs under my belt, a cool 30 day vacation, and a roof over my head, I can thoroughly grasp what it's like to live in this epic city. Since I’ve moved here I’ve observed, consumed, and listened to some of Portland's greatest. As I dip my feet into each coffee shop, small venue, local eatery, and even boutiques I’ve heard some great music-so of course I ask (cause I’m as curious as a cat), and made it into the playlist  that you're currently diving into. Most new, some oldies, and some I’ve recently added to my playlist-so a little sweet sprinkle of the best.
Now I know that not all of you are fortunate to live in Portland, BUT I hope this gives you a genuine glimpse of what it's like at the moment (p.s. you should visit if you’ve never been here before…seriously). So have your OJ, toast, or heck even an Irish coffee and get your toes tap pin’ while you enjoy this lovely mix I made for those ears of yours.

@elyssexx is the newest and coolest cat to move to Portland, so if you're there - hit her up for a coffee chat and she'll charm you with her impeccable sense of wit and the kind of humor you can't find anywhere else. P.S. She loves a good dive bar, so show her around if you know a few Portland tricks up your sleeve. 
Until next time, stay classy. 

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