Sunday, May 10, 2015

Turnover - Peripheral Vision (or the next soundtrack to your summer.)

Turnover's Peripheral Vision appeared out of nowhere for me, and in a way I consider this to be an absolute blessing. My first taste of the Virginia four-piece was the first single "Cutting My Fingers Off" (which happens to be the album opener, an ace choice if you ask me.) With CMFO being the opening track, everything afterwards follows suit for the remainder of the record. Don't expect this album to cross multiple bridges, or pull rabbits out of the hat when you least expect it, but instead embrace how the band plays it cool by keeping the spotlight on one specific sound that's committed throughout the entire album.
Austin Getz (of Turnover) described the overarching theme to Pitchfork (in which Peripheral Vision received a score of 6.6) as, "I always remember things better than they were and miss people more than I should." 
Don't we all? 

(Grab the full-length release on iTunes, but if that's not your cup of tea - you can find everything including vinyl 
over on Amazon.)
Peripheral Vision can come off as a melancholic body of material, but at the same time it can be someone's "go-to" if they're looking for something mellow yet temporarily fulfilling. The band recently tweeted a well known lyric from Bloc Party's "Modern Love" (Do you want to come over and kill some time?) This could also be a Turnover lyric that I might have skipped, but I've absorbed this informal invitation as a way to approach the album. There's going to be an end result that can either please or dissatisfy your taste in music, but it's requesting your attention in a way that's not smothering unlike most album release tactics. 
Point blank: Peripheral Vision by Turnover is just what my ears needed, and you're going to be thinking the same once you listen to this album. It's proper release is May 12th (aka this Tuesday) via Run For Cover Records. Consider the release date of this album to be nearly perfect, as I envision this to be the soundtrack of summer for several individuals (including myself.) 
Don't forget, Turnover is on BandCamp, too.

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