Monday, May 11, 2015


GET READY TO CUDDLE UP WITH THIS WEEK'S PLAYLIST BECAUSE IT'S BOUND TO WARM YOUR MIND UP WHILE YOU'RE STILL GETTING OVER THOSE REGRETS FROM THE WEEKEND. Hope you dig it <3 P.S. Take advantage of the new changes to the blog, especially with the updated social media links in LYED's "About Me." 
 LOVE YOU, mean it.
Question that I'm shooting out those who are active listeners (because there's quite a few of you, would you rather us cut the chase and only post FVM on SoundCloud? Let me know what you're feeling in the comments below!!
ICYMI: The Bad Years was LYED's most recent "Friday Fascination." Believe me, their new EP is something to get fascinated about. Dig in now

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